18 Harlequin Romance Ebooks

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    18 Harlequin Romance Ebooks


    Betts, Heidi - Blackmailed Into Bed
    Beverly Barton - A Man Like Morgan Kane
    Beverly Barton - Whitelaw's Wedding
    Brenda novak - Baby Business
    Bronwyn Jameson - Quade -The Irresistible One
    Bronwyn Jameson - Zane - The Wild One
    Cherry Adair - Take Me
    Gold, Kristi - Executive Seduction
    Jane Porter - Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife
    Love-slave to the Sheikh - Miranda Lee
    Michelle Celmers - Playing by the Baby Rules
    Sandra Field - The Millionaire's Pregnant Wife
    Sara Craven - Forced Bride
    Torri Carrington - Skin Deep
    Vicki Lewis Thompson - Old Enogh To Know Better
    Yvonne Lindsay - The Boss's Christmas Seduction
    Yvonne_Lindsay - Rossellini's Revenge Affair
    Sarah Morgan - Blackmailed by Diamonds, Bound by Marriage


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