ABG360 and IMG BURN Programs for your Xbox360 Games

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    Tutorials on how to burn your Xbox 360 games

    Going to assume you have you 360 modded and the iXtreme firmware

    ( if not talk to your local computer Guy/Girl will fix you up or he will know some one that will just call around it will cost between 45 - 150 bucks depending if you know the person. it is defiantly worth the money if one game cost 70 bucks your then hafe way there )

    Now That your 360 is modded what do you need to burn them and what kind of disk do you use ?

    The program ABG 360 will check to see if there are any errors or what region it is region free ,ntsc or pal
    (make sure you know what was installed when the person modded your 360 but RF will work on all 360)

    It will also make a DVD file if the uploader did not include it

    IMG Burn is in my opinion is the best to use to burn the game so i just giving you what works always burn at 4x never highter

    Best disk to use is Verbatim DVD DL (works Great)

    That's it !!!! good to go now go play

    Here are the to programs

    ABG 360 -
    IMG Burn -
    Here i Will show you step by step

    1.Open ABG should look like this then click were the arrow is and then add the iso were the game is once that's done click launch at the bottom

    2. Now were ever the game that you download is click the dvd file. then click were the arrow is

    that's it about 20 min and have a good time playing your new game

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