Abraham - The Friend of God [2008]

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  1. Abraham - The Friend of God [2008]


    M. Sadeghi stars as the title character in filmmaker Reza Varzi's epic retelling of the life and times of Abraham, known as the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the world's three most prominent monotheistic religions. Led by God from Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan, Abraham entered into a covenant with the Lord that, once fulfilled, would see him father a great nation of kings.

    Director: Reza Varzi
    Starring: M. Sadeghi
    Genre: Drama
    Release Date: 2008
    Runtime: 98 min
    Language: Hebrew
    Subtitle: English

    DVD-Rip / XviD / 720x540 / 23.9 fps / mp3 / 48000Hz / 128 kbps / 701 MB



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