Authentic Man Program - Power of Integrity

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    Authentic Man Program - Power of Integrity
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    This is the program for connecting with your unapologetic masculine desire, dissolving approval-seeking behavior, and creating trust and unforgettable experiences with women.

    Recovering 'Validation Junkie' Confesses How He Shed the Desperate 'Female Approval-Seeking Addiction' and Stepped into Being a Powerful, Self-Directed Man -- Trusted and Desired By Women, and A Respected Leader Among Men...

    Yes, You CAN End the Painful Need for Female Approval and Validation -- Access the Confidence and Composure that Will Have Women Trusting You to 'Take the Lead' - You'll See the Soft, Dreamy Look In Her Eyes That Tells You She's Ready to Explore Anything With You... Go On Wild, Erotic Adventures Together... Follow You Anywhere.

    Dear Friend,

    Bryan here. I want you to honestly ask yourself:
    Have You Ever...

    * Felt like you needed APPROVAL from a Woman... and felt humiliated and powerless as a result?
    * Felt that women just didn't TRUST you?
    * Known that it was time for you to 'take the lead' with her, but didn't know what to do or say next?
    * 'Stalled out' or felt afraid when it was time to get sexual with a woman?
    * Felt so unsure of what to say or do with a woman that you didn't do anything out of fear of making her 'feel uncomfortable'?
    * Felt that critical gaze that had you instantly know you just weren't 'passing the test'?
    * Wanted to approach a beautiful woman but felt so shaky inside that you lost the courage? (This one is particularly excruciating, because if you're anything like me, you're kicking yourself for hours, sometimes days afterwards...)
    * Knew that it was the 'now or never' time to express your desire, get her phone number, ask her out, go in for the kiss, or take things sexual, but you got nervous, unsure, hesitated, and lost her forever?
    * Felt that unworthy feeling that comes with feeling 'off track' in your life or career, and just somehow knew it was connected to your challenges with women?

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