Autodata 3.24 (2009)

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    Autodata 3.24 (2009) | 1.45 GB

    Year: 2009
    Version: 3.24
    Platform: Windows XP
    Compatibility with Vista: unknown
    System requirements: P-IV, RAM 1GHz, virtual drive, Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5
    Language: English only
    Tabletka: Present

    Description: Guidelines for the repair, maintenance, diagnostics, wiring, the norm-hours for all brands of cars. Autodata popular program for Auto Service provides information on fuel injection systems, gasoline and some diesel engines (PINDATA), as parameters for adjusting the alignment, installation of belts and chains, RM, repair, air conditioning, airbags, ABS and other systems of automobiles manufactured in Europe. The program has Autodata wiring and layout of nodes.

    Installation instructions:
    1. Installation of the driver from the folder Dongle setup.exe
    he asks to choose complet _ custom, select custom, click next
    more will be asked which driver to install, select only
    Sentinel System Drivers -> USB System Driver,
    We note the remaining cross, click next, install
    2. Mount Autodata 3.24.iso to a virtual drive (DaemonTools) and install.
    3.Zapuskaem folder Dongle Fail ad_inst.exe, window opens, select the language
    find there a function - Install driver, click, if a window pops up, click on "Continue"
    then leave the window alone (ie the AD Istall 1.0) and open the folder KeyAutoda 3.24
    run Autodata_Keygen.exe, a window appears with two blank lines, are making the first
    ID request from the left alone windows AD Istall 1.0, click on the generation, and already
    copy the generated code
    in ID aswer in the window AD Istall 1.0, and click Activate, After this all close,
    4. Copy Patch file from a folder in a folder adbcd.dll ADCDA2, the question replaced?
    answer Yes!

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    thx for this
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