Band of Brothers AudioBook

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    Band of Brothers AudioBook


    Band of Brothers
    Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
    Reader: Cotter Smith

    Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, got the tough assignments in WWII. They fought, went hungry, froze, died, and considered the Purple Heart a badge of office. They fought on Utah Beach, at Arnhem, Bastogne, and the Bulge. Their remarkable true story is from the bestselling author of Citizen Soldiers. The source for the HBO miniseries. "[Smith reads] with a voice that knows full well the value of restraint... The result is a powerful tale."—AudioFile


    A look at the men of E Company and their exploits during World War II describes how they parachuted into France early D-Day morning, parachuted into Holland during the Arnhem campaign, and captured Hitler's Bavarian outpost. Read by Cotter Smith, with an introduction by the author. (Tie-in with a ten-hour HBO miniseries, produced by Tom Hanks & Stephen Spielberg.) 35.3 MB


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