Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)

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    "The year is 1948... Everybody uses magic." In Los Angeles, magic is used for everything, from cocktails that mix and pour themselves, to zombie butlers, to murder. This makes things tough for hard-boiled private detective H. Phillip Lovecraft, the only man left in town that doesn't use magic for "personal reasons." It is because of this that the richest man in LA, Amos Hackshaw hires Lovecraft to recover the stolen Necronomicon, a book of immense evil, containing incantations powerful enough to revive the sleeping Outer Gods. To make matters worse, the threadbare detective isn't the only one searching for the book. He's up against a ruthless gangster... who just happens to be Lovecraft's ex-partner. Throw in a witchy landlady, a hot singer, a cross dressing thief, and a jalopy full of gremlins, and Harry's up to his necktie in trouble. He'd better act quickly though, because the full moon is on the rise, the zombies are on the prowl, and someone is about to cast a deadly spell.

    This is the first film by HBO on this theme; (comedy, detective, thriller & supernatural) their second was Witch Hunt (1994)
    The whole plot and many of the monsters are taken from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. A must see film for Lovecraft fans.

    Director: Martin Campbell
    Fred Ward ... Det. Harry Philip Lovecraft
    David Warner ... Amos Hackshaw
    Arnetia Walker ... Hypolite Kropotkin
    Julianne Moore ... Connie Stone
    Clancy Brown ... Harry Bordon
    Alexandra Powers ... Olivia Hackshaw
    Charles Hallahan ... Det. Morris Bradbury
    Raymond O'Connor... Tugwell
    Peter Allas ... Det. Otto Grimaldi
    Lee Tergesen ... Larry Willis / Lilly Sirwar
    Jaime Cardriche ... Zombie

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