CodeVision AVR 2.05.0

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    CodeVision AVR 2.05.0 | 12 Mb​

    High Performance ANSI C Compiler, Integrated Development Environment, Automatic Program Generator and In-System Programmer for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers.

    CodeVisionAVR V2 Standard Features

    * Application that runs under Windows® 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit

    * Easy to use Integrated Development Environment and ANSI C compatible Compiler

    * Editor with auto indentation, syntax highlighting for both C and AVR assembler, function parameters and structure/union members autocomplete

    * Supported data types: bit, bool, char, int, short, long, float

    * Fast floating point library with hardware multiplier and enhanced core instructions support for all the new ATmega chips

    * AVR specific extensions for:
    o Accessing the EEPROM & FLASH memory areas
    o Bit level access to I/O registers
    o Interrupt support
    o Support for placing bit variables in the General Purpose I/O Registers (GPIOR) available in the new chips (ATtiny2313, ATmega48/88/168, ATmega165/169/325/3250/329/3290/645/6450/649/6490, ATmega1280/1281/2560/2561/640, ATmega406 and others)

    * Compiler optimizations:
    o Peephole optimizer
    o Advanced variables to register allocator, allows very efficient use of the AVR architecture
    o Common Block Subroutine Packing (what our competition calls “Code Compressorâ€￾), replaces repetitive code sequences with calls to subroutines. This optimizer is available as Standard in CodeVisionAVR, at no additional costs, not like in our competitor’s products.
    o Common sub-expression elimination
    o Loop optimization
    o Branch optimization
    o Subroutine call optimization
    o Cross-jumping optimization
    o Constant folding
    o Constant literal strings merging
    o Store-copy optimization
    o Dead code removing optimization
    o 4 memory models: TINY (8 bit data pointers for chips with up to 256 bytes of RAM), SMALL (16 bit data pointers for chips with more than 256 bytes of RAM), MEDIUM (for chips with 128k of FLASH) and LARGE (for chips with 256k or more FLASH). The MEDIUM and LARGE memory models allow full FLASH addressing for chips like ATmega128, ATmega1280, ATmega2560, etc, the compiler handling the RAMPZ register totally transparently for the programmer. This feature is available as Standard in CodeVisionAVR, at no additional costs, not like in our competitor’s products.
    o User selectable optimization for code Size or Speed


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