Drive Vaccine v6.0.3

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    Drive Vaccine v6.0.3



    Easily protect public access computing environments such as internet cafes, school labs, library kiosks, business centers and more....

    Drive Vaccine integrates Reboot-and-Restore, a simple technology designed to keep computers fully functional and optimally configured. It works by write protecting the hard drive at the physical sector level - ensuring that all file saves, and configuration changes are temporary. When a Drive Vaccine protected system is restarted - the workstation automatically reconfigures itself to the desired, baseline system configuration. -Hence the coined phrase "Reboot-and-Restore"-

    Simple to use: Just Reboot and Restore

    Since the protection is invisible; users feel as though they have absolute control of the system. Regardless of what they may attempt to do, including erasing files, installing software or even modifying registry settings, the computers will restore to their configured baseline settings everytime they are restarted or when a user logs-off. Making the workstations perfectly configured and available for the next user.

    Video Demo: Drive Vaccine In Action

    Drive Vaccines Reboot-and-Restore solution, drastically reduces computer maintenance, and is widely used to protect public access computers, (ie. library public computers, school PC Labs, etc).

    Benefits of Drive Vaccine's Reboot-and-Restore Solution

    Eliminate Public Access Computer Downtime - One of the most troublesome and recurring tasks for an IT technician is to restore a PC back to a pristine working condition... Prior to the concept of Reboot-and-Restore, many administrators of public access workstations were faced with the daunting task of formatting hard drives and reinstalling the OS, everytime a system became inoperable... However, this proved to be a time-consuming and costly routine for fixing "micro-disasters". This becomes a concern for both the PC technicians as well as for the users, as they are forced into a non-productive state while the computers are being brought back to life.

    Drive Vaccine eliminates computer downtime by maintaining a consistent system image everytime your PC and Mac workstations are restarted or a user logs-off. Thus any errors, mistakes or unauthorized software installations are instantly eliminated by simply restarting the computer. This enables your technical staff to focus on more advanced technical issues rather than the daily user level mishaps.

    Maintain your public access computers to be fully functional with the same desktop settings everyday...

    Keep PC's Virus and Spyware free: Viruses and spy ware are the most common threats, and new infections slip through the first lines of defense almost daily. In addition, users can also cause unknowing damage by tampering with configuration settings, by installing botched software - damaging the original configuration to a point of no return.

    Set Acceptable User Policies: Put in force AUP's by guaranteeing that only approved applications are installed. When protected, Drive Vaccine will not allow configuration changes or installation of any applications to remain on the workstations. This, in effect, blocks the installation of most illegal or unauthorized software.

    Enhance The Computing Experience: Drive Vaccine ensures workstation performance is at optimal levels by removing website cookies, spyware, temp files viruses and unnecessary plug-ins; which cause system bottlenecks. Any infections to a "immunized" system are instantly eradicated - workstations are reverted back to their original configuration on every restart or user log-off. Because Drive Vaccine does not restrict access and is transparent to users - Users feel as though they have complete control of the machine; enhancing the end user's computing experience.

    Prevent Identity Theft - Protect User Privacy: Users in a public access setting are susceptible to falling prey to identity thieves. Some may attempt to pre-install a key logger or some dangerous spy ware application. Other bandits may attempt to view your history, temporary files or worse - Your completed forms, which may contain personal information, user names, passwords etc. A system immunized by Drive Vaccine insures users - that no information or installed applications remain. Drive Vaccine erases any installed application, history settings, logs and temporary files from remaining on the public access workstation so your privacy is protected and personal information is not cached and saved on the system for prying eyes to see.

    Accomodate Windows OS And Anti-Virus Updates - Drive Vaccine (Plus Edition) can be configured to easily accommodate Windows Critical OS and Anti-virus definition updates right out of the box. No complex batch files, scripting, or scheduling PC downtimes. Drive Vaccine (Plus Edition) simplifies the process of maintaining updated security patches and virus definitions.

    Persistent Storage Space (Immune area) - Administrators, can create an immune folder space in order to save files for permanent storage (Plus Edition). This enables computer users to save files and folders for permanent storage, keeping them exempt from the restoration process.

    Network Management Control - Drive Vaccine meets the needs of today's network environment. All Drive Vaccine products include a Network Controller Console. The GUI based Network Controller provides a central location for controlling, monitoring and managing workstations across the enterprise.
    Who Should Use Drive Vaccine?

    Drive Vaccine is ideal for Public access computing environments where the Systems should always be available for use in a consistant operating state. It's Reboot and Restore technology is suitable for:
    - School Computer Labs
    - Library patron computers
    - Hotel guest computers
    - Internet Cafes / Cyber Cafes
    - Airport Kiosks
    - Training Centers
    - Hospital and Health Care Systems
    - More...


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