Elastic Steel Flexibility DVD

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    Elastic Steel Flexibility DVD



    Learn from the master himself how to achieve:
    • A True Front Split
    • An OpenFront Split
    • A Side Split
    Everything you need to know is compiled in this incredible 2 hour, information packed DVD. Simple and straight forward, with easy to understand percise instructions and follow along routines that you can do along side Paul Zaichik himself from the comforts of your home!

    "It's just a hair short of two hours..and two hours with Paul is like four hours with most of the time-wasters that sell DVDs. This is nothing but moves-moves-moves, with short, insightful explanations about the underlying common aspects of all the stretches for any given muscle. I know more about stretches now than after all the other books and videos I've seen, put together.

    This is the single best exercise DVD out there, for it's combination of quantity and quality. I have no doubt that he has continued to find a wealth of other high-quality exercises that he hasn't had a chance to release.

    I wish he'd put together a series for TV: "Wake up in the morning and work out with Paul". Maybe he's not show-bizy enough to do that, but I enjoy the way he lays it out. There's almost no time for a casual comment, with the program so filled with pertinent information." - Lazur

    As stated previously this DVD is your one stop for ALL the knowledge you need, to achieve the flexibility that you have dreamed about for years!

    Learn how to make your life's long dream of doing a 180 degree front split, side split and true front split come true!
    Find out how to:
    • Warm up the RIGHT way!
    • Maintain Perfect Posture (the secret of world's best athletes)
    • A variety of Stretching Exercises that will safely guide you into your 180 degree split!
    • Prevent Common Injuries
    • Develop Flexibility That Todlers Will Envy!
    • Get rid of common pain in lower back, knees and hips
    • Learn how to develop splits and secure the new flexibility

    More Info:
    Password : johngates3031
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    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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    Do you have the other videos in the series? Elastic Steel for Grapplers, for Side and Hook Kicks? For Round House and Push Kicks?
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    nice !! cheers
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    Thank You very much!!
    Great job!
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