Idiots and Angels (2009)

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    Adult Animation

    Idiots and Angels is a film by long time animator and Oscar nominee Bill Plympton. The film is completely without dialogue, (just some English singing) relying on characters actions and fantasies to tell the story.
    Angel is a selfish, abusive, morally bankrupt man, who hangs out at his local bar,
    populated by the surly landlord, his beautiful, neglected wife and a rather rotund woman sitting in the corner, his routine is simple: drink, sell guns, smoke cigarettes and be a total mean arsshole.
    One day, Angel wakes up with a pair of mysterious wings on his back. The wings make him do GOOD DEEDS, very contrary to his nature & he desperately tries to get rid of these unwanted wings, unaware that there are those who view the wings as their ticket to fame and fortune & want them for themselves at any cost.

    Idiots and Angels is an animation with striking imagery and a unique ability to change its tone and message in a heartbeat. What starts off as a comment on banality turns into a noir-ish thriller then transforms into a morality tale before surging head on into romance. It's also a superhero film, and a comedy, just as the animation morphs with wildly inventive transitions so does the story and pace. Plympton has an excellent eye for imaginative and outrageous imagery and often one is uncertain if what we are seeing is really happening or just in the characters mind, for instance one scene has Angel riding the landlord's wife around the bar like a horse while Tom Wait's sings in the background. The soundtrack as well as the visuals has a lot to do, essentially making up one half of the experience and it just shines with some great choices of both classical and contemporary pieces.

    Well that’s what the write-up says. Me, I just enjoyed this animation
    & hope you do too.
    Info: AVI
    Video Resolution: 720x480
    Video Codec: DivX 5
    Video Bitrate: 1282 Kb/s
    Video Framerate: 29.970 kbps (NTSC)
    Audio Codec: MP3
    Audio Bitrate: 256 Kb/s
    Runtime: 78 min
    Size: 871 MB
    (100 MB size RAR files)

    Password: less$_$2surf
  2. bareed235

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    great animation.. just watched it and enjoyed it.
    any idea where to download the soundtrack ?
    the songs and music in this animation are AMAZING !

    pleases if anyone knows where the soundtrack is, post it here..

    thanks to the poster :)
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    you do need to type in password not cut and paste for some reason
    and it is out of sync by about 750mm easy to fix
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    Is this for kids?
  5. bareed235

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    "Adult Animation"

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