Lata’s hunting melodies -Vol-II (Remix)

Discussion in 'Download' started by ssdev, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. ssdev

    ssdev Guest

    Hi guys........

    I have been searching a Remix album form long time but found all negative.
    If any of you have this rear remix album, plz upload and share it………

    Album Name: Lata’s Hunting Melodies- VOL-II
    Singer : Sonali Vajpayee
    Remixed By : Harry Anand
    Company : Venus Records
    Genre : REMIX

    Some songs of that ablum are..
    1.Aa jane ja….
    2.Pankh hote to ud jati re ..
    3.Chand phir nikla….
    4.Bhor bhai panghat pe..
    and more………..

    Thanks in advance
  2. Bytugxhu

    Bytugxhu Banned

    Is it Lata Mangeshkar your looking for ?
    If so I can help with Lata • 80 Glorious Years • 8 CD Pack • 320 VBR MP3 • 2009
  3. ssdev

    ssdev Guest

    thanks friend for your offer....

    i am looking for a remix album..... this album was released in 1998-1999.
  4. metastasis2

    metastasis2 Guest

    Looking for the same album

    I am looking for the same album ....
  5. fropsandy

    fropsandy Guest

    Haunting Melodies Remix

    Dude, i am also a die hard fan of that music album.
    I was searching for that in Bangalore in every possible music store, even Planet M or any damn store did not get me that.
    Dont ask me how much i was disappointed.
    I also searched for that in every possible website, forums, etc.
    Then i went to "Venus Records" online, took their number & ordered it thru them. Its only Rs.75 including shipping.

    Please do it dude, but its the Vol 1 and i am searching for Vol 2

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