Metallica - Live In Nimes France (2009) DVD+MKV

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  1. Metallica - Live In Nimes France (2009) DVD+MKV


    James Hetfield - Guitar, Vocals
    Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar
    Robert Trujillo - Bass
    Lars Ulrich - Drums

    Metallica Live At Antic Arena, Nimes, France
    Date: 07.07.2009
    Genre: Thrash Metal/Metal
    Format: DVD PAL
    Menu: No
    Chapters: Yes
    Video compression mode: MPEG-2
    TV system: PAL
    Aspect Ratio: 4/3
    Source picture resolution: 720x576
    Frame Rate: 25.000 fps
    Bit rate: 3054 Kbps
    Audio #0
    Codec: LPCM (Big signed)
    Channel(s): 2 channels
    Total time: 1h 34m 46s


    01. Ecstasy Of Gold
    02. Blackened
    03. Creeping Death
    04. Fuel
    05. Harvester Of Sorrow
    06. Fade to Black
    07. Cyanide
    08. Sad But True
    09. One
    10. The Day That Never Comes
    11. Master Of Puppets
    12. Kirk's Solo
    13. Nothing Else Matters
    14. Enter Sandman
    15. Seek and Destroy

    Metallica - Live In Nimes France (2009)
    mkv (rip) Format (7x248.0MB+1x72.6MB)


    Metallica - Live In Nimes France (2009)
    FULL DVD Format (32x98.5mb+1x60mb) [UP]










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    [RS] Metallica Francais pour une nuit 2009 BluRay 720p x264 DTS5.1 [HD 720p] ​


    Metallica, France, Nimes 2009

    July 7 we are honored to serve" Arenes de Nimes ", an ancient amphitheater in the French city of Nimes, which was built by the Romans and is considered one of the most interesting concert venues in the world. We thought that this evening will be memorable, so we asked our French friends invited a film crew and record the history of this holiday. The result is a 'Francais Pour Une Nuit' (the title translates as "French for one night"), which Release Notes recorded the entire concert, interview us and video taken with YOU, our enterprises in the audience. All this and much more will go on sale November 23, 2009!
    'Francais Pour Une Nuit' has become for us a special release, because he was not only filmed in France, but all aspects of it are French, because the concert was filmed, written and assembled by the French operator and editor cover and box design (more on this later!) did the French design team, even all the output disc written in French. The only thing on this disc is not French, it's three Americans and a Dane on the scene, as well as photographs taken Englishman Ross Halfin (Ross Halfin)

    Set List:

    1. Blackened
    2. Creeping Death
    3. Fuel
    4. Harvester Of Sorrow
    5. Fade to Black
    6. Broken, Beat & Scarred
    7. Cyanide
    8. Sad But True
    9. One
    10. All Nightmare Long
    11. The Day That Never Comes
    12. Master Of Puppets
    13. Dyers Eve
    14. Nothing Else Matters
    15. Enter Sandman
    16. Stone Cold Crazy
    17. Motorbreath
    18. Seek and Destroy

    - HD 720p 
    - English 
    - 2:12:34  
    - 1280 x 720  
    - Frames (29.97fps)  
    - X264  
    - AC3 - 640Kbps  
    - 5.66 GB
    - Genre: Concert

    -4x 1,39GB parts
    1x 75MB part

    -NO PASS

  6. 1:1 recorded from the mastered dvd :smilie_fluester:

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