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    Microsoft Office - OpenOffice Converter


    The aim is to provide translators to allow for interoperability between applications based on ODF (OpenDocument) standards (currently ODF 1.1) and Microsoft OpenXML based Office applications. As a part of this interoperability initiative, add-ins are being developed that can be installed on top of Microsoft Office Word (document processing), Excel (spreadsheet) and PowerPoint (presentation) applications (Office 2007 / 2003 / XP version) to allow for opening and saving OpenDocument format / ODF files (.odt, .ods and .odp) that adheres to ODF specifications. We also provide command line translator utilities that allow doing batch conversions.

    The converter is based on XSL transformations between two XML formats, along with some pre- and post-processing to manage the packaging (zip / unzip), schema incompatibilities and the integration into Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We chose to use an Open Source development model that allows developers from all around the world to participate and contribute to the project.

    Along with the add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, we also provide a command line translator that allows doing batch conversions. These translators can also be run on the server side for certain scenarios.


    Double click the "OdfAddInForOfficeSetup-en-3.0.exe" file

    If installation is successful, you should be able to open an ".ODF" file from Microsoft Office (see menu"File>ODF...->Open ODF"). Also, when right-clicking on a ".ODF" file in explorer, you should have the option to open the document in Microsoft Office (menu "Open with Microsoft Office").

    Important note: The ODF file opened by the add-in is imported in Microsoft Word as a read-only OOX file. If you want to save it as ODF, you will have to first make a copy of the document("Menu>Save As") and then use the "Export as ODF" menu.

    Enjoy converting, and say thanks if you like this Smile


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