Monarch v8.01 Pro

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    Monarch v8.01 Pro

    Monarch Pro is a Windows-based business intelligence and
    reporting tool designed for easy use by everyone, not just a
    select group of "power users" with advanced technology
    skills. Unlike other BI or reporting tools, Monarch Pro
    easily "mines" data from existing text-based or PDF reports
    - an information source often overlooked by other BI tools.
    Monarch Pro also enables users to access and analyze data
    from database files, spreadsheets, ODBC sources, delimited
    text, and HTML files.
    Monarch Pro's unique modeling technology allows even
    non-technical users to effortlessly build a collection of
    filters, calculations, summaries and charts and apply them
    to different data sets, plus export data at anytime to Excel,
    Access, PDF, and more — all without programming and without
    help from the IT department.
    Managers, analysts, auditors, accountants and staff workers
    might struggle with other highly complex BI tools, or wait
    for help from the IT department to get the data they need,
    causing frustrating delays, missed deadlines and lost
    business opportunities. To avoid such delays, they often
    resort to printing and flipping through thick paper reports
    run from their ERP system, HR/payroll system, banking,
    healthcare or government information system, or mainframe
    system, and then rekey the data into a spreadsheet, to
    perform needed analysis and reporting.
    Monarch Pro ends such time-wasting, error-prone work.
    Monarch Pro transforms existing text-based or PDF reports
    into live, actionable data, and/or easily access other
    sources of data. This data can be sorted, filtered, combined
    with additional complimentary data from other sources,
    supplemented with new calculations, summarized, exported to
    Excel, Access, etc., all without programming and without
    help from the IT department!
    So easy to use, Monarch Pro is the ideal solution for
    managers, analysts, accountants and auditors who want to
    access and manipulate data from trusted reports and other
    data sources, quickly and easily, without programming. IT
    professionals use Monarch Pro as well, to help reduce
    demands for custom database queries and report writing
    Monarch Pro includes all the standard features of Monarch,
    the world's leading Report Mining and analysis tool, plus
    the ability to mine data from PDF reports, plus import and
    analyze data from XLS, MDB, DB, DBF, WKx, delimited text
    and HTML files, as well as any ODBC-complian t data source,
    including SQL Server and Oracle. Monarch Pro reads and
    mines data from report files commonly known as print
    files, spool files, TXT files, formatted ASCII files, PRN
    files and SDF files.


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