My Friend Flicka (1943)

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    My Friend Flicka (1943)



    DVDRip English

    Rating 6.6

    Director: Harold D. Schuster

    89 min

    Family | Western | MKV

    Ken McLaughlin struggles to please his family in any way. He comes back from boarding school boasting poor grades and facing going through the fifth grade again, much to his fathers dismay. Ken's mother, Nell, manages to persuade his father Rob to let him choose a colt from the herd for himself. He instead chooses a sorrel chestnut filly, who becomes injured soon after. Can Ken nurse the filly back to full health?

    Roddy McDowall ... Ken McLaughlin
    Preston Foster ... Rob McLaughlin
    Rita Johnson ... Nell McLaughlin
    James Bell ... Gus
    Patti Hale ... Hildy (as Diana Hale)
    Jeff Corey ... Tim Murphy

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    THx for the movie & megaupload!
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    Thanks for this, JDeere! A great look at Roddy McDowell as a child actor!

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