Red Skies of Montana (1952)

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    Red Skies of Montana is a 1952 adventure drama in which smoke jumper Cliff Mason, Richard Widmark, attempts a save his crew while being over-run by a forest fire, not only to save his men, but to redeem himself after his last fire when he was the only survivor.

    Richard Widmark plays a firefighter for the US Forestry Service, a brave man who nevertheless does not believe in taking foolish risks. Widmark is branded a coward by a rookie fireman (Jeffrey Hunter) who holds Widmark responsible for the forest-fire death of the rookie's father. All passions are swept aside when a particularly brutal fire strands Widmark and his men in the middle of unprotected forest. Widmark then realizes that he must attempt to lead the others to well-being. Red Skies of Montana represents the film debut (in an unbilled role) of future TV and film star Richard Crenna. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

    Richard Widmark ... Cliff Mason
    Constance Smith ... Peg Mason
    Jeffrey Hunter ... Ed Miller
    Richard Boone ... Richard 'Dick' Dryer
    Warren Stevens ... Steve Burgess
    James Griffith ... Boise Peterson
    Joe Sawyer ... Pop Miller

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