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Discussion in 'Download' started by ghost zero, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. ghost zero

    ghost zero Guest

    Anyone have a good link to get Virtual Assistant Denise Platinum? Prefer non-rapidshare and non-megashares links such as megaupload. Thanks.

  2. pramod khan

    pramod khan New Member

    I am desperately looking for Virtual Assistant Denise as well
  3. Dianne Green

    Dianne Green Guest

    Don't know where to find free virtual assistant Denise Platinum but you can buy and read about its full feature at

    Denise is a photo-realistic virtual assistant, created by Guile 3D Studio from computer graphic software and a real-time proprietary graphics engine. Denise is the interface to our artificial intelligence software.

    Her main function is to assist users in human-computer interaction, like searching the web, exploring multimedia files, checking e-mail and etc.

    You might also want to visit this blog, where you can get tips and free resources for virtual offices and virtual assistants.

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