Software is Portable - what does it mean ??

Discussion in 'Download' started by ZuZu, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. ZuZu

    ZuZu Guest

    When a software, like IrfanView, is identified as portable, what does it mean ???

    Can this software be used in a PC as normal - where it is installed to a folder within C:/Program Files - and has Start Menu shortcuts ???

    Thanks, inadvance
  2. Esconi_hann

    Esconi_hann New Member

    Portable means that it does not need to be installed.
    You can place it in a folder and create a shortcut to the exe
  3. BaZZa101

    BaZZa101 Guest

    You can also install the program onto a USB stick and take it and use it on different computers, providing that the operating systems are compatible.
  4. porika123

    porika123 Guest

    portable softwares are very small and ready to run appz you can carry it on a USB drive and run directly from it.......... they are very useful and dosen't take more space

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