The Big Mouth (1967) DVDrip

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  1. The Big Mouth (1967) DVDrip


    In The Big Mouth, Jerry Lewis plays the role of Gerald Clamson, a bank examiner on vacation who, while fishing, catches a frogman - the frogman, who coincidentally is the spitting image of Jerry Lewis, has stolen diamonds from his criminal gang, and hidden them at a nearby resort hotel. Clamson takes the map to the diamonds given him by the frogman, and makes his escape while the gangsters attack. At the hotel, Jerry Lewis accidentally injures the hotel manager, played by Del Moore, and so Jerry Lewis disguises himself as the title character from The Nutty Professor in order to investigate the mystery at the hotel. At this point, there are three different subplots running together - the criminal gang searching for Jerry Lewis, while he’s courting the love interest in the film portrayed by Susan Bey, while the hotel staff are looking for him in order to throw him out.

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    Thanx. Big fan of Jerry Lewis

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