The Prodigy - Electronic Punks DVD (1998)

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    The Prodigy - Electronic Punks DVD (1998)


    This is official Prodigy video.
    That tape contains all videos from their albums Experience (except for Fire, because "the video sucks") and Music For The Jilted Generation. It also contains live tracks, the making of the promo video for Poison, plenty of stupid home-video footage of them clowning around and some wierd polaroid photos

    01 Voodoo People
    02 Out Of Space
    03 Break And Enter '95 (Live)
    04 One Love
    05 Their Law (Live)
    06 Wind It Up
    07 Voodoo People (Live)
    08 Poison
    10 No Good (Start The Dance) (Live)
    11 Charly
    12 Poison (Live)
    13 Everybody In The Place
    14 Rhythm Of Life (Live)
    15 No Good (Start The Dance)



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