Tokyo Train Girls 1: Private Lessons (2009) 300MB RMVB +18 (+1 Link)

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    Tokyo Train Girls 1: Private Lessons (2009) 300MB RMVB +18


    Info :
    Country: Japan
    Language: Japanaese
    Subtitle: English Hardcoded
    Year: 2009
    Genre: Japanese PINKU 18+
    Cast: Megu Fujiura, Jiro Tanaka, Takahiro Nomura, Mina Saeki
    Size : 313 MB
    Runtime : 1h 19m
    Encoder : rama_ps2
    Plot :
    New teacher Chihiro has been on the job for three months. She does her job with great enthusiasm, but she has a secret that nobody must know. As a student, she accumulated debt in order to keep up with her well-to-do friends. She can’t pay it back on the wages of a teacher so she started working part-time as a Chat-Lady. In front of a web camera that hides her face, she shakes her breasts and hips. By chance, her student, Kazuaki discovers the web site.

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