Venusian Arts - Zen of Cool

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    Venusian Arts - Zen of Cool


    Module 1:

    Your Total Fashion Makeover: How To Dress In A Way That Makes Women Instantly Want To Find Out More About You

    While most self-help sets start with the “inner game,” we want to give you practical, immediately applicable tips you can use right away. We will work on your “inside” game as well, but we find that students go through the transformation process 700% faster when they can see results from their efforts on the outside first.

    With this DVD, you’re not only going to learn how to “dress cool.” You’re going to learn how to know how to be in fashion every day for the rest of your life.

    How can we promise this?

    We are going to teach you the principles of dressing well which apply to every time period, every country, and every little “subculture” your city has!

    Yes, this means after viewing this DVD, we could drop you in 13h Century Samurai Ruled Japan, and you would be the coolest dressed man in town within four months!

    What will you learn in this module?

    What really makes someone look cool. (It’s NOT what you think)

    The three elements that are needed to be a genuinely “cool” person. Get only 2 out 3 right and you’ll look desperate and try-hard. Get only one right, and you’ll creep out the entire venue!

    How to look around a bar and tell who the most popular guys are, and how to look like them.

    The one universal outfit that you can where anywhere in your city and still look good.

    The one sure-fire way to know you’re buying cool clothes. (Hint: It’s NOT having a girl shop with you. That will kill your chances of getting the hottest clothes)

    The “safe” way to experiment with “new looks,” such as a punk outfit, a rockstar hairdo, or an intellectual vibe… without looking like a fish out of water!

    How to test and practice your fashion sense in clothing stores without spending a cent

    The secret to saving money when buying clothes. Never again spend half your paycheck at the mall! Why buying one item at a time makes you look better and saves you money.

    The Mystery of Accessories Revealed: Your wrist watch can make you look cool, or it can make you look nerdy. How to tell the difference.

    How to tell what clothes you’re wearing right now are making you look totally dorky, and what to replace them with right away!

    The only way to tell if you’re dressing the right way, and why 90% of guys never learn!

    The hidden art of Peacocking exposed! You don’t need this in your arsenal… but if you use it right… the results are jaw droppingly powerful!

    How to dress like Bret Michaels, Kid Rock, Dennis Rodman and Tommy Lee. The “Rock Star” look is easier than you think and probably less expensive than what you’re wearing now!

    Four inexpensive things you can wear to have a woman come up to you and talk.

    You will get approached wearing any of these four items, so only use them when you want attention!

    How to use your clothing to get other guys to tease you.. and then BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER with the one comeback line no one can defend against. Take a man down and you can take his women too.

    The shocking way your clothes convey your social intelligence, and how dressing badly for even one night can scare away women who were dying to be with you otherwise.

    Module 2:

    Get a Sexy Presence That Magnetically

    Makes Girls Want To Sleep With You!

    Here’s where we work on the part of you that drives everything else… your personality. No matter how cool you’re dressed, if you don’t have this dialed in, you become nothing more than a well-dressed geek.

    In every club you go to, there are girls that love knocking you off your game. They might turn their back and see how you react. Maybe they’ll flirt with you and touch your chest to see if you get excited. If you react too much, YOU ARE DONE!

    At the same time, most guys, even if they can keep talking about random topics endlessly, will bore the girls to death and ruin any chance of taking one home.

    What’s more, no one (at least no one with options) wants to hang out with someone who can’t bring some fun into the equation.

    In this part of the DVD program, we will make you fun.

    Here is what you will learn in this segment:

    How to tell what vibe you’re really putting out. Chances are, it’s not what you think!

    The real secret behind “being unreactive” and maintaining your inner balance no matter what happens.

    How to be the guy who always stays cool under pressure, Master this, and when things go sour, everyone will say “Let’s talk to … He’ll know what to do!”

    The secret technique to walk into a room with a presence everyone notices.
    How to project a passionate personality that sucks everyone in… even while you’re totally chill and relaxed.

    How to look around a room and tell who’s a “big deal” in the club and who is a waste of time to talk to.

    The five body language sins you may be committing that scream to the entire room that you are the person to avoid!

    The 2 ways to react when someone criticizes you in public. Some people you have to ignore, and some people you have to stand up to and talk back! If you mix these up… you’re in trouble!

    A ten second method to get instantly comfortable wherever you are. Any party, bar, or social function you’re at can feel as comfy as you are on your couch with the TV on.

    How to banish neediness forever and impress everyone with your newfound confidence.

    The powerful method of getting women to approach you just on your charm alone.

    You don’t even have to say anything!

    The key to switching from chasing girls for their attention… to having them compete to listen to you!

    The 5 elements of charisma, and how to quickly work them into your life.

    How to use “attitude” in physically escalating with a woman, so even if you get rejected… she still wants more!

    How to develop a happy, positive presence that makes everyone – including bouncers and bartenders – want to be around you.

    Module 3:

    How To Totally Revamp Your House Or Apartment So No Woman Will Want To Leave!

    If there’s one element of game that gets overlooked by everyone in the dating industry, it’s this one. Having a cool pad is so essential to your social life, that if you only watched this section of the program, you’d have gotten many times your money’s worth.

    When you have a house or apartment that people feel comfortable in… and naturally want to visit before and after a night at the bars…

    You Own The Social Circle!

    The thing that most people miss is that it’s not enough for your apartment to be “clean” and it’s not even enough to be “pretty.” It has to have a vibe that makes people not want to leave.

    Here is what you get in this module:

    The secrets that country clubs and pro-golf courses use to keep their visitors coming back… and how you can do the same thing!

    How using a combination of colored lights and plants can create a Hollywood quality effect that will dazzle all your guests!

    How to make a “boring” table into an eye catching piece people compliment you on!

    The two places in your house the worst smells come from and how to fix them. (Hint: It’s not your bathroom!)

    The difference between how your place smells to a woman and how it smells to a man… and how this is a crucial point you need to know before cleaning up!

    A sneaky trick …stolen from Las Vegas Casinos… that will make a woman forget what time it is, what time she got there, and what time she needs to leave!

    How to keep your place smelling fresh without ever using a spray or plug-in!

    The RIGHT way to use candles to create a homey, comfortable vibe for everyone who walks in. Do this right and girls will stay until the candles burn to the ground.

    Do this wrong, and you will look like the you just lured them to your creepy lair!

    How to deal with all the “clutter” (wallet, keys, coins) that you can’t tuck away, but always seems to take unwanted space!

    The number one mistake guys make with lighting… and how to change it before your place becomes one more boring spot girls want to leave!

    A special, lemon-scented product you can buy for $3 that will make your place smell amazing, and clean up dust, grease and anything else in seconds!

    The 5 elements of a “hot pad” that once taken care of, will make “hosting” and “entertaining” completely effortless!

    The 8 types of alcohol you need on hand to guarantee a woman will have her favorite drink ready

    The 5 non-alcoholic mixer drinks that women will request… so you better have it!

    A disturbingly unfair tactic to get a woman to not only ask to get liquored up, but to even pour the drink herself. A two part set-up makes her getting drunk with you 100% her own idea!

    How to give the “total abundance feeling” to your guests so they get the sense that anything they need will be at your place. This strategy takes away 95% of women’s’ reasons for leaving!

    Secrets of “The Pleasure Bubble.” How to hype up your pad so women you’ve never talked to come up asking if they can come over and party with you.

    How to stock your kitchen so the late night snacks everyone wants will always be on hand and easy to make.

    The correct way to stock your fridge so a woman browsing knows you’re a man who can take care of her.

    The simple yet effective “Toilet Paper Trick” that makes any prying woman amazed at how well stocked your bathroom is.

    The five “extras” you must stock in your bathroom to make sure a woman feels comfortable spending the night.

    The two health-related reasons women go home early… even if they’re dying to sleep with you… and how to make sure they stay!

    How to turn your TV from a distraction to an art piece that brings flavor to the entire room!

    The right movies to put on your TV that will enhance the vibe, rather than take away from it.

    A FULL VIDEO EXPLORATION of a “pimped out pad” that has nearly everything in place. This will show you what your spot should look like!

    Module 4:

    Build An “Entourage” Of Hot Women Who Come To Clubs With You And “Do All The Work For You” In Finding New Women!

    Imagine this:

    A well dressed man is standing at the front of the door of your city’s hottest club. The bouncer in the front and asks his name, and how many people. The man looks behind him, does a quick head count, and says “Just twenty girls tonight, Fred.”

    “Will you still need security sir?”

    “Sure if one of your guys is available.”

    The man walks in with two of his buddies and 20 blazing hot women. For the rest of the night, he gets treated by the staff as if he’s a celebrity.

    This man is You.

    Does this sound impossible? If you’re like most guys, you probably can’t imagine yourself going out with even three hot women let alone bringing a busload to the club with you.

    This belief is actually a big reason why almost no guys have even tried this.

    The fact is that utilizing a simple system we’ve come up with, you can build up to this lifestyle in a matter of months… assuming you follow everything else in this program.

    In order to make sure you have everything you need to make this dream a reality, here is what we will teach you:

    The right way to invite girls to your table with bottle service. One way gets you laid – the other gets you used. How to tell the difference.

    How to ask for a girl’s number in a way that makes her look forward to partying with you and bringing all of her hottest friends.

    The exact amount of phone numbers you need to predictably roll out to a club with 6, 8, or even 20 women. No matter how good you are… yes there is a magic number!

    “Pre-Partying” exposed! Get women liquored up before you go on the town and save money once you’re there!

    “After-Partying” de-mystified! With 7 hot drunk women at your pad, and your bedroom ten feet away, what do you think is gonna happen?

    How we consistently got bottles service at one of San Diego’s hottest clubs, for less than 1/3 of what everyone else paid!

    The sneaky way to use club security to keep other guys from stealing your women! (This has a side effect of making you look even cooler to other girls in the club)

    How to use the women you bring as bait to pull in the sexy ‘10’s’ of the club you never could have gotten on your own!

    The exact time you should tell women to come to your place so you have just the right amount of time at your pad before heading to the nightclub.

    How to use a party bus to make a night with you the coolest event in town!

    Best of all… how do this all on an AVERAGE SALARY! You do NOT have to be rich to do this!

    How to make sure the girls make it back to your place when coming back from the clubs…(instead of looking for a parking spot…getting bored…and going home!)

    How to create a “buzz” about your after party that will literally have girls begging to come home with you after.

    The tricky tactic to getting girls home before closing time and making it their idea!


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