Vin DiCarlo - Dominant Sexual Power

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    Vin DiCarlo - Dominant Sexual Power

    You'll discover:

    # Get a woman to say "YES" to almost anything you can think of (It's so quick and easy, you'll wonder why the hell you WORKED for women's attention... And laugh at the suckers trying to BUY her love)
    # A dirty little trick lets her imagine you as her boyfriend -- or lover -- And daydream it so powerfully, she starts to believe it's true! (It's called "role playing", and two specific types will sweep even the hottest woman right off her feet)
    # How to give a woman the powerful sexual attraction she gets from men who are rich, good looking and successful... Without ever needing the looks, success or money (Sounds to good to be true -- And explains why some of the HOTTEST women are with the biggest losers)
    # Ask her the right questions that turn her on... Instead of turn her off (Your first date can be like a job interview... or... An exciting skin flick. It all depends on HOW you talk about sex)

    # You don't need to say the "right" thing, or talk girls into sex... Especially when you use this one, tricky conversational technique (You'll never have trouble pulling it off... And she'll probably blush, right off the bat)

    # Hands-down the BEST "excuse" to get women back to your place or bedroom. (Stuck trying to go from where you met her... To where you'll have sex with her? This line solves those problems... and... Makes her even more sexually attracted to you, so "closing the deal" is simple)

    # 10 tips you can take from "womens porn"... And how these romance novels can be CRUCIAL to your sex life (Become her knight in shining armor... or... The bad-boy who whisks her away. I'll show you how)

    # Where you SHOULD stare, to turn her on (HINT: It's not her butt, breasts or even eyes. This extremely sexual gaze will blush her cheeks... And you can't ever be "caught in the act")

    # Being honest with yourself about this one, simple question automatically liberates your sexuality... So every woman you meet feels a sexual "vibe" or "aura" around you (This will turn her on faster than ANYTHING you could say or do... and... Nearly 99% of men don't have a CLUE)

    # 90% of women want to be "pushed around" in THIS specific type of way. Get it right, and she'll love you forever... But forget it... And she'll ditch you before your second date!

    # Out of work? Living with your parents? Is your only place to have sex your car? I'll show you a trick of the tongue you can use to make her IGNORE these "obstacles"... Or even tell her about them in a way that makes you look sexier.

    # Use your daydreams to pick up women! No "mental rehearsal" or hypnosis mumbo-jumbo, either. I'll show you a simple way to make your lazy-day thoughts turn into easy weekend sex (Crazy how fast this works)

    # 2 First dates you can use tonight to rock a girl's world -- and leave her with a night to remember (She'll love them... Plus... They've got sex built right in!)

    # How to get a woman to buy you a drink -- Without even asking for it, directly! (She'll feel special, sexy and even more attracted to you... Instead of used or sleazy)

    # One topic and type of conversation instantly tells women "I am someone you should respect" without SAYING it, directly (So she feels a magnetic, sexual attraction to you -- deep down in her gut -- And she thinks you're simply an amazing man)

    # Want your girlfriend to LOVE cooking breakfast for you? Here's exactly what you should do, step by step.

    # Give her friends this specific type of attention (and chat about this one topic) and you'll win them over, instantly (She'll love how you get along with her buds... And pick YOU over any other guy in her life)

    # Why you don't need a single penny in the bank to make a woman feel like you're the catch of her lifetime (And exactly what you should reveal about yourself... To make it STAY that way, forever)

    # Be honest: Do your friends' girlfriends annoy you, sometimes? If so -- I'll show you how to "train" your girlfriend, so she'll make your friends' girlfriends look like slackers (This will get you the evil eye, for sure)

    # 95% of men make this DEADLY mistake when they talk about other people. It'll sink a first date and break up a relationship... so.... I'll show you how to side-step it and come out "looking good" where other guys "blew it"

    # Turn the coldest "club bitch princess" into a sweet, submissive, sexual girl... When you master this one Pillar (You'll be amazed because one second she'll be the meanest sonnuvabitch to some poor sap... And when she turns to you... She'll put on her shy, little girl face)

    # A simple way to start a conversation that gets her thinking about you romantically, without you ever "picking her up" (This is what guys who are NATURALLY good with women do, and women crave this type of attention)

    # Lines you can steal -- word-for-word -- To make her become a better girlfriend. (More caring, more sexual and anything else you want her to be... Plus... She won't feel dirty, used or weird about it)

    # Someone women just ain't your style. I'll show you why you should NEVER "next" a woman... And how to let her down softly, so you can still hookup with her friends (Yup, I'll help you do *everything*)

    # Quit being her "emotional tampon" - Soaking up her sob stories, break ups and man troubles! Use this technique to let her know you care... But you want to be her lover, not her therapist (It takes one second, and makes her look at you with a new-found respect)

    # If you're "out of work", you're not "out of the dating game" because these words make a woman's heart melt, quickly (And she'll not only 'forget' about your situation... She'll work WITH you, to get you back on your feet. Talk about a loving, dedicated partner)

    # What any man who wants to be good with women can learn from Donald Trump. No, it's not the money or the hairpiece... And it's not even his gruff attitude. Actually, it's the HIDDEN REASON behind his success in business, life... and... With women.

    # Exactly what most "players" screw up when they get sexual with women... That keeps almost 90% of women at bay (I'll show you what not to do, what to do, and teach you why it works... So you'll have a "leg-up" on even the smoothest operator)

    ... And I'll tell you right away, this program isn't for the squeamish or the faint of heart, because we tackle the BIG issues about sex, your sexuality, sexual confidence and dating.

    Stuff like:

    # Two types of touch, revealed. One turns her one with a bad-boy charm, and the other lets her know you're her "knight in shining armor" (Use each alone to drive her wild... or... Combine them to make her sexually addicted to your touch)

    # Scared of another man stealing your woman? I'll give you a blow-by-blow system to make your girl super-sexual around YOU... And no one else (She'll feel like even the biggest studs can't "satisfy" her... Yet still be begging to get you between the sheets, non-stop)

    # The 1 CRITICAL way to touch a woman that most men neglect... And nearly KILLS your sexual chances with women (It's a miracle guys get laid, because they all skip right over this crucial step. I'll show you how to touch her so she's practically BEGGING for you to come home with her)

    # Know any hot bartenders or waitresses? Of course you do. This simple trick helps her see you as a potential boyfriend... Instead of... Just another annoying customer (CRUCIAL if you want to date a girl who's "on the clock")

    # Spike her sex drive using just your words... and... A type of conversation used by James Bond, Indiana Jones and military training! (Sound weird? It is. But she won't be able to get enough of it -- or you)

    # How to let her know you'll rock her world in bed, before the clothes ever come off (Even if it's your first time. This sex-technique is so powerful, she'll be moaning the second you touch her... So the "sex quality" is never an issue)

    # I'll reveal exactly how women liked to be ****ed. So you never need to "guess" what she likes, ever again (Paying attention to her in bed is the KEY to having great sex... But when you start out like THIS, she'll have an amazing time, no matter what stroke you end up on)

    # Simple, one-second sex techniques all women wish you knew (Need I say more? Stop, breathe and use this easy technique to rock any woman's world in bed... Even if she's more "experienced" than you)

    # The MOST powerful type of "eye contact"... And why your eyes have nothing to do with it (You'll stare straight into her soul, and she'll feel an instant sexual bond with you)

    # Religion's "dirty secret" and why keeping your 'sexual purity' is literally ruining your chances with women (I'm not against any religion, at all... But this simple belief you pick up during your childhood is sucking your sexual power dry)

    # 5 sexy ways to talk dirty to your date at dinner -- Without any other diners knowing the difference (You'll feel a little goofy... Until... You see her eyes glaze over, in a sexually aroused fog)

    # Make a girl blush, without saying a word, when you look at this part of her neck and then use this type of sexual touch (HINT: It's extremely light, soft and sexual. You'll love the way she looks at you, after this)

    # How to raise your natural testosterone levels without ANY chemicals or needles (This is 100% pure, safe and you don't take ANYTHING into your body. Plus, the extra test instantly brings out your dominant, sexual side... Which is incredibly attractive to women)

    # Help her QUIT her annoying habits, using a tip I discovered watching "The Dog Whisperer" (OK, OK, I admit it -- I actually learned this technique reading advanced behavioral psychology... But he uses it, too)

    # One "Cosmo" secret almost all women deny loving... and... Will help you meet her, get her number and even bring her back to your place within TWO HOURS of meeting her! (This one's fun, and just a little bit naughty)

    # Tired of meeting women who don't quite "live up" to your perfect woman? Ask this certain type of question, and she'll not only work her ass of to be your perfect girl... She'll feel a magnetic pull towards you, sexually

    # Use this line to get the girl you're talking to OUT of the bar -- and back to your bedroom (Most girls won't go home with you the first night for TWO reasons. I'll show you how to handle both in seconds)

    # A counter-intuitive mistake almost all men make that leaves women LAUGHING at you, behind your back (Not *giggling*, either... Full out chuckling. I'll show you how to side-step this pitfall, simply)

    # .... And much, MUCH more.


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