Vivid WorkshopData ATI 8.2 (2009)

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    Vivid WorkshopData ATI 8.2 (2009) | 2.04GB

    The program WorkShop very interesting and useful, particularly for service stations. Contains information on the identification of the car itself, as well as boxes and engines installed various Schild and inscriptions with information about the car service intervals with a list of works, various adjustment data (including the angles of the wheels), lubricants and volumes, mounting location tags RM, and as the electrical circuit and working diagram elements. Submitted by machines with 70-s all in Europe, many Japanese and Korean and English cars.

    Year: 2009
    Language: English + Russian
    Medicine: Yes

    VividWorkshop can rightly be considered a manual for beginners and DIY mechanics.

    1. Comprehensible menu in the form of buttons with pictures allows you to find the desired section. large picture showing the labeling of license units, deciphering the year, type, capacity, volume, etc.

    2. The question of how, what, where and when to fill, replace, to serve as check the oil level in the PPC will not put you in a dead end. Moreover, a neighbor to park can be credibly claim that it had kindled for the replacement of oil in the main transmission, rather than to check the braking system.

    3. Main technical data of the vehicle will be needed in case there is doubt in good condition or the desire to make the car such as a plant. In this section - oil pressure, valve clearances, timing angle, the beginning of the filing, marking the candles, sprays, coils, fuel pump, fuel injection system, fuel pressure, CO, revolutions of the twentieth, the process of adhesion, the thickness of brake pads and discs, angles of the wheels and t . e.

    4. Self-belt replacement gas distribution mechanism can be catastrophically consequences if you do not use large pictures, and clear, understandable guidance section - repair. In addition there are available parts catalog spare parts showing moments of procrastination nodes and connections (heads, connecting rods, pulleys, etc.). Simple and clear.

    5. You are grossly mistaken if you think that the repairer did not need a running program. Fragments of the parts catalog will help to find zagadochkuyu hairpin or remove steering rack without removing the engine.

    6.Razdel on the fuel system and ignition contains information such as no special devices to check or adjust the car. There is a self-diagnostic codes. But this section seemed to me not very complete.

    7. Plans called no unequivocal opinion on the one hand it is difficult to find the elementary, the other caught a very rare - a scheme of air suspension and climate control. Perhaps the authors chose the most "sick" unit of the car.

    Conclusion: cabinet replaces literature, useful for both students and masters. Add at credibility in the eyes of the customer to any car service. Abundance of pictures would do without the knowledge of English.


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