Wavemachine Labs Drumagog Pro 4.11 AU VST RTAS Mac OSX UB

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    Wavemachine Labs Drumagog Pro 4.11 AU VST RTAS Mac OSX UB
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    Description: Drumagog is a plug-in that automatically replaces drum tracks with a vast array of other samples. Engineers and producers worldwide use Drumagog to fix and enhance existing drum tracks. Drumagog is extremely easy to use. Just insert it onto a drum track and select your favorite sample. Drumagog does the rest. For advanced drum replacing, Drumagog is packed with powerful features for the ultimate in control. Drumagog comes complete with a drum sample collection containing hundreds of samples to get you going.
    More Information:
    Mac OSX Version: Drumagog works with both G4/G5 macs, both PowerPC and Intel based, and supports all VST, AU and RTAS audio programs, including: Pro Tools(v6.3 and above*), Cubase, Live, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic, Tracktion, and GarageBand
    Download Here:
    Password: ozmosis
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    please reload... was looking forward to trying out
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    The file could not be found. Please check the download link.

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