what on your computer can be traced

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  1. i have downloaded alot of movies off this site can any1 give me info is there a program that makes it so your com cant be traced
  2. d0PeHeAd

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    what do you want to erase your cookies history..etc

    East-Tec Eraser 2009 is a nice program to use been using it for sometime now myself

  3. uncaff

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    Eventually, if some authority figure is trying to find out who you are and what you download, they WILL. The last barrier betweeen you and them - no matter how many proxies you use - is your ISP. They are required to keep records of what sites you visit etc. and any government or law agency can subpoena these records.
  4. coco23

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    if they want you

    they WILL get you

    if it worries you dont do it m8:mtr1:

    they are more interested in uploaders than downloaders

    and knock off nigels

  5. Eye.Brows!!

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    yes uplug it and hope Armey do not find you !! just drunk and taking the piss !! sorry
  6. Eye.Brows!!

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    you say you need to get rid of stuf from c: put them on a dvd and foget it got any good porn !!

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